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Cynthia Snyder

Cynthia Snyder

Waldorf, MD


Hello My name is Cynthia.. My favorite mediums are Acrylic Paint on Canvas and Photography. I received My degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Arts and Design. I reside in the Maryland/ Virginia /DC area. I have been painting for many years. Art is my Passion and has become my Creative Freedom. I am currently producing Acrylic on Canvas Paintings.. I definitely have a Signature Style..My Paintings are Very Whimsical.. I use a lot of Vibrant Colors and Embossed Textures.

I am also an avid amateur Photographer, though I've been taking pictures all my life, I've only recently graduated to a DSLR, what I like to call my Big-Girl Camera. My favorite subjects are; animals, flowers, birds, landscapes, historical buildings, statues and unique objects. On weekends I love to explore Southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore, and take Pictures of course!
All Black and White Photos are of course available in Color upon request

Fine Art America will allow me to share some of my favorite Artwork and Photographs. Thanks for considering my images as an Art Expression Choice. I hope you Enjoy what you see :)

If you have any Questions Please feel free to email me at:

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Colorful Wine Table


Crab Wine Time


The Content Crab


Snowman Trio


Large Mermaid Diva


Siamese Hugs


Blonde Girl with Pug


Snowman Ride


Cool Jazz Cats


Magnificent Maltese


Siamese Twins


Lady in Waiting with Wine


Lady in Waiting with Martini


Colorful Jester


Chuhuahua Stare


Chihuahua Duo


Chihuahua Kisses


The Cat Butler


Neon Cat Trio #1


Neon Cat Trio #2


Music Time 1


Music Time 2


Music Time 3


Time for Wine


Cat Lady with Brown Hair